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Carver Mission Statement: To help children and youth reach their greatest potential by providing educational, social and recreational programs in a positive, safe and fun environment.

Carver is Norwalk’s largest provider of after school programs for middle and high school students, and the largest provider of summer programs serving K through 9th grade students.

Carver’s after school Youth Development Program operates in eight locations: the Carver Community Center, Norwalk Public Schools four middle and two high schools, and Side By Side Charter.

Carver provides a special after school program for the 5th grade students at Brookside and Tracey Elementary Schools.

Carver provides Freshman Summer Success Academies for graduated 8th-grade students transitioning into 9th grade at Norwalk and Brien McMahon High Schools.  Carver provides a Summer Middle School Transition Program for 5th-grade students transitioning into Norwalk’s four middle schools.

Carver programs deliver intensive project-based hands-on learning in many subjects, including literacy and the STEAM subjects. Carver’s staffing model (12 full-time staff and 123 part-time) permits program expansion by engaging certified teachers within each participating school. Carver is given free access to each school’s facilities and resources free of charge, for which we are grateful.

Since 2005, 100% of Carver seniors have graduated on time. Over the last three years, over 95% of Carver seniors enroll in college immediately following graduation. Carver infuses high expectations, academic rigor, and healthy relationships into its youth development approach to instruction. Carver provides support that recognizes individual strengths, needs, and learning styles.

Carver interventions and supports align with the Norwalk Public Schools 2019 Strategic Operating Plan aimed at closing the Achievement Gap. In 2011, several schools in Norwalk were identified as “schools in need of improvement” by the state. The state’s recent School Accountability Index revealed the large majority of public schools and school districts losing ground while Norwalk Public Schools had one of the state’s highest increases, and the highest increase of any city.

Carver also provides college scholarships; parent leadership training; health and wellness programming; spring and fall college tours; food drives and community holiday events for the benefit of the Norwalk community. 

Thank you for trusting Carver with your support. You are making a lasting difference by investing in the lives of Norwalk’s young people. Carver received the highest rating from Charity Navigator and Guidestar, far exceeding industry standards for financial health, transparency and accountability to donors.