78 Years of Building Lifetime Achievers!

In a world where talent is evenly distributed but opportunity is not, Carver is closing the gap. Carver is the largest provider of after-school programs for middle and high school students in Norwalk.  Carver’s college-prep Youth Development Program is conducted in the Carver Community Center, in Norwalk’s four middle and two comprehensive high schools, and in Side by Side Charter School. Programming led by certified teachers within each participating school compliments the school day curriculum with project-based and personalized learning. We provide free transportation.  

Here is a collection of stories told by the students themselves. 

Carver conducts a K-5 after school program at the Carver Community Center called CASPER. These students also follow a personalized learning path with placement and pacing in activities designed to meet their individual needs while meeting the most rigorous academic standards. Certified NPS teachers facilitate literacy and math intervention programs.

Carver summer learning programs include Summer Enrichment (5- to 13-year-old students at two sites); Freshman Summer Success Academies for graduated 8th-grade students transitioning into 9th grade at Norwalk and Brien McMahon High Schools; and summer learning experience for 5th-grade students transitioning into middle school.

Carver Community programming includes college scholarships, winning basketball teams, international learning opportunities, parent leadership, health and wellness programming, spring and fall college tours, food drives, community holiday events and more for the benefit of Carver students and the Norwalk community.

Since 2005, 100 percent of Carver’s seniors have graduated on time and nearly 100% of our graduates go on to college. After 78 years, Carver is still raising expectation, changing lives, and Building Lifetime Achievers!