CARVER K-12 After School Programs

Carver's after school Youth Development Program (YDP) provides middle and high school students (a minimum 2.5 hours per day, not including field trips, college tours, career fairs, etc.) with a variety of learning opportunities that compliment and enrich, but do not duplicate, school day instruction. Carver provides free transportation.


Here is a a collection of stories told by some of our high school students.

YDP operates in Side By Side Charter School, the Carver Community Center, and in the Norwalk Public Schools four middle and two high schools. YDP compliments regular school day learning with literacy, math, technology, engineering, science, arts, wellness and other programming after school. YDP’s multi-tiered, project-based, hands-on personalized learning uses an array of resources to help each student excel in school and life.

Carver conducts a K-5 after school program at the Carver Community Center called CASPER. These students also follow a personalized learning path with placement and pacing in activities designed to meet their individual needs while meeting the most rigorous academic standards. Certified NPS teachers facilitate literacy and math programs.