School Year Basketball League

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Recreation Coordinator: Shannon Bates -, (203) 838-4305

There are a limited number of spots per team. Additional registrants will be placed on a waiting list once teams are filled. We offer financial assistance and general scholarships which will be provided to those who have free or reduced lunch.

The Carver Youth Basketball League is dedicated to teaching the fundamental aspects of the game and promoting team play while building self-confidence and life skills that foster good citizenship, responsibility, respect and the pursuit of excellence. The league philosophy focuses on participation, sportsmanship and creating an atmosphere for all players to succeed. This is not a traveling or ultra-competitive league. Carver staff, players, volunteer coaches, parents, and skilled referees continually reinforce the attributes of good sportsmanship, hard work, and positive thinking during the season of this in-house Carver league. Those students who excel go on to play competitively in high school and beyond. There are 200 players (5th through 8th grades) organized into 20 teams. Each team is named after a favorite college. Each team has a sponsor whose name is printed on the back of the respective team’s uniform t-shirts.

Mo's Summer League and ECHO League

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Mo's Summer Run League was named after former Brien McMahon coach Mo Tomlin in July 2015. Mo's Summer Run runs three evenings per week and the ECHO League runs four evenings a week during the summer. Kids compete in the league and also have the opportunity to compete in the Free Throw Contest and the Three Point contests. Kids work alongside staff to recruit, advertise and plan the events, which is how the majority of Norwalk youth know about it. There are guest speakers. Every Friday a DJ increases the excitement. An All Star Team is selected from players to compete in the last game. Staff, coaches, and trainers select players based on their attendance and performance.