Carver's Angel Reyes reports from Johnson University on Carver's 47th annual College Tour

Johnson University

By Angel Z. Reyes, 11th grader, Norwalk High School - Norwalk Early College Academy

It was a sunny and beautiful afternoon as our driver Armando weaved his way through the narrow roads of the foothills of the Smoky Mountains of Knoxville, Tennessee to Johnson University and to one of the most welcoming of entryways.

The words Faith Prayer Work on the sign greeted us. As we watched the grooming of the manicured lawn my attention quickly drifted to the movie "Forest Gump" as the lawnmower formed perfect lines. Even more breathtaking was the beautiful waterfall in the middle of a pond surrounded by architecturally appealing buildings. This private Christian university was one of the most beautiful campuses on our tour to date and many of my peers were as excited as me to see and learn more.

As an eleventh grader this is actually my third consecutive Carver college tour, and I was eager see what awaited me. Our tour guide Hannah Baker greeted us and we were led to an information session, followed by a physical tour around the university.  We all were slowly grasping the images and the history of this campus.

The founder and first president of the university was Dr. Ashley S. Johnson. When Dr. Johnson founded the university he had no money, nothing but his vision supported by his caring wife. This university started with many prayers, and from there it stemmed out into a beautiful gift from the Lord. Johnson University was founded In 1893. The initiative included a combination of a preparatory school, college, and church into a single system of education. The minimum GPA requirement today is 2.5 depending on the major a student is interested in pursuing. Academics are taken very seriously here. The university’s goal is to help young leaders grow and make a difference in the world. It has an even balance of male and female students on campus. Although it is a private college, students in-state and out-of-state have roughly around the same tuition of $13,000 yearly. 

The school's founder believed in educating the whole person, and even the first building stayed true to his vision by housing the dormitory, dining room, classrooms, chapel, and library all under one roof.  Johnson University leaders envision students achieving academically, growing spiritually and succeeding under the path of the Lord.

Since the campus is quite small with around 700 students, people know each other, and do their best to make everyone feel right at home. When you enter Johnson University you become a part of a family. People will support you in your journey to find the career that fits you personally. Johnson University is one of the finest and most respected Christian universities in the country. It helps students answer the question – Do you have a vision for a better world? Johnson University helps service-minded students to identify their part in the world, and the preparation they need to be successful.