Help Halstead Real Estate Feed Student Success!

We are proud of Carver's partnership with Halstead Real Estate on many projects. We write today to bring your attention to Halstead Real Estate's partnership with The Pantry @ NCC to help them alleviate the barriers of food insecurity so students can remain in school, and ultimately, earn their degrees.

Food insecurity has increasingly become an issue on college and university campuses across the country with some data showing 39-59% of college student experience food insecurity - exceeding the national average and having negative effects on a student’s GPA, levels of energy, and concentration. And while there may be community resources available, it may be difficult to access them due to transportation or scheduling, or these resources are not able to accommodate students based on their eligibility guidelines. Bringing a food supply to the NCC campus eliminates some of the barriers students may face with outside sources and encourages academic success.

What Do We Need?

While we receive a variety of items here is a list of the items most needed and used:

- rice (5 lb bags are best);
- bags of beans (especially black & pinto);
- baking mixes (pancake, cake muffin, jiffy mix); - flour
- cereals & oatmeal;
- grab and go items - snacks
- condiments (mayo, ketchup)
- peanut butter, jelly
- oils (vegetable, canola, olive)
- spices (salt, seasoning)
- apple sauce, canned fruit, fruit cups;
- pasta & pasta sauce;

- canned meats (chicken, beef, fish); - progressive soup
- coffee/tea;
- juice (100% juice preferred);

- shampoo & conditioner; - toothpaste & deodorant; - toothbrushes & floss
- wipes

- lotion
- paper goods (all kinds);
- laundry and cleaning products.

Please bring donations of non-perishable items to one of our offices: