Carver's Summer Transition Program at Roton Middle School

Cooking class!

Cooking class!

Carver produces summer transition programs for students entering into middle and high school in the fall. Here are photos of our students attending our summer transition program at Roton Middle School.

A key indicator of a successful middle school experience is a positive transition from elementary school. Unfortunately, here are the questions most students are asking during the summer: 

"Will there really be that much more homework?"

"What if I can't find the bathroom in that big school?"

"Will I be able to open my locker?"

These questions and more pour through the minds of incoming middle school students the summer before school begins. They are the cause for many sleepless nights and a summer of anxiety and anticipation. (Notice there is no mention of academics or learning.)

What Carver Offers 

Carver offers a comprehensive "Transition to Middle School" program to help incoming middle school students be positive and look forward to the coming year. Lead by the school's certified teachers, Carver's program helps students form a realistic expectation of what middle school will be like, it provides a positive and successful first impression, and it insures a successful introduction to the middle school experience. Parents, too, have their concerns and questions answered about their children's transition from elementary to middle school. 

Carver Involves All the Stakeholders

Carver's program offers a systematic transition program involving all the stakeholders: students, school personnel, and parents. Incoming middle school students are involved in a variety of activities preparing them for middle school. They have the opportunity to meet middle school students and teachers. Educators provide activities for students that lessen their concerns, build their confidence, and reduce their anxiety. 

Making the transition into middle school is the first and most significant step to insuring a successful middle school experience. It deserves the time and attention that Carver gives it. Carver's well-planned transition program helps parents and students have a greater peace of mind by taking some of the stress out of the summer before middle school and providing the groundwork for a successful beginning of the middle school adventure.