Norwalk High School Student Spotlight: Sal Olmeda


According to Carver’s website, the Carver Center is Norwalk’s largest provider of after school programs for middle and high school students and it is the largest provider of summer programs serving kindergarten through ninth grade students.

Over the last seven years of my life, I have been blessed to be a part of such an incredible foundation.

The Carver Program has made an impact on my life academically, emotionally, physically and also socially. I am one of the lucky few to be part of this program and hope to take everything I have gained in this program with me as I embark on my next journey in life.

Carver has been an important part of my life since 6th grade. Carver has really helped me academically. The Carver Program gives me the opportunity to work with tutors and teachers to get an extra edge on a subjects that other students wouldn't have. Emotionally, the program at Norwalk High has helped with my stress since I was able to do homework at school with a tutor. It has given me a sense of pride.

My mom could not help me with homework, but knowing that she sees me doing well in school makes her very proud.

I am currently in two AP classes. Physically, I have started to do workout classes such as bootcamp that have been offered at the Norwalk High program. Socially, I have met one of my best friends.

One thing that I will miss next year without the Carver Program at Norwalk High School is all the people I grew up with since elementary school and all the friends I've met through Carver.

After high school, my goal is to ultimately go to college, graduate and get a good paying job.

Sal Olmeda