Carver's 80th Anniversary Kick-Off Event

See photos of the event at The Hour here. See The Hour's article about Carver's 80th anniversary year here. See Nancy on Norwalk's article about the 80th celebration event here. See Carver's Facebook photo album of the event here. See a short video of the event below. 


On Tuesday, January 30, 2018, 5:00-5:30PM, immediately following the annual Carver Career Fair at Carver Community Center400+ Carver students wearing WE ARE CARVER t-shirts joined Norwalk and Carver leadership and student speakers to celebrate Carver's 80 years of service. 

The event planning committee members were Dr. Susan Weinberger, Committee Chair; Marc Alan; Tasha Branch; Marge Costa; Meri Erickson; Richard Whitcomb; and Brenda Wilcox Williams. The Norwalk Arts Commission officially endorsed the event that launched a yearlong series of occasions to celebrate Carver’s 80 years of “Building Lifetime Achievers.” 

The speakers included Novelette Peterkin, Carver Executive Director; Diana Napier, Carver Board President; Norwalk Mayor Harry Rilling, Introduced by Carver student Rodelin Constant; Ralph Valenzisi, Chief of Technology, Innovation and Partnerships, Norwalk Public School, Introduced by Carver student Joseph Jakpasu; Diane Jellerette, Executive Director, Norwalk Historical Society, Introduced by Carver student, Jordyn Powell; and Carver alumnae Gabrielle Pierre-Louis sang Carver’s new official song, “WeR1", Introduced by Marc Alan, Director of Marketing, Factory Underground Records. The event's DJ, was Steve Lou (DJ Connect), Diageo and a Carver alumnus.