Carver Spring Break College Tour Updates! Cardan Grant and Sandy Maxwell, 10th Graders @ Brien McMahon High School


Cheyney University was founded by Richard Humphreys, a Quaker, who donated $10,000 and one-tenth his property to create a school to educate individuals of African descent. The original Humphreys' home is still on campus the university is building a museum next to Humphreys home to honor and highlight its rich history as the oldest Historically Black College/University in the country. We learned the original family who lived on the grounds and owned slaves. At another point in history, the acres of Cheyney property was used during the underground railroad. The tunnels where slaves were taught to read and write, even though it was against the law, are still in existence today.

There are close to 1,000 students enrolled in the college, and the student-faculty ratio is 15 to 1. The small class sizes give every student an opportunity to know their professors and the administrative staff. For out-of-state students like us, the tuition for Cheyney University is a little over $14,000. There are 15 majors and 11 minors available to prospective and current students. Once admitted, Cheyney University works to support black students academically and financially. What we liked about Cheyney is that it is a predominately Black college, but it accepts other students of other races, too. The history of black people from previous generations associated with the university could be helpful for other students to study. 


The most exciting thing I learned while visiting Cheyney University was that there is a designated a part of the quad grass as “sacred ground.” NO ONE is allowed to walk on the grass unless it is graduation time. Another fun fact about Cheyney is that the university is very giving when it comes to the community. Sometimes during the day, the school allows people from the public to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner for free!! 

Cheyney University looks at their study body as a family, and that’s something that we want to experience when we begin college, a home away from home. We think that Cheyney University is a phenomenal school and will definitely look into it in the future. We would recommend this school to many of my peers in Norwalk.

Thank you, 
Cardan Grant//Sandy Maxwell
10th Graders @ Brien McMahon High School