Serenity Saunders & Mahya Fleurime report from La Salle University on the spring break college tour!


Saint Jean Baptiste de La Salle was the founder of La Salle University located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. La Salle is a Catholic school demonstrating the true meaning of “One Voice, One Sound.” The tuition is $29,000; to be accepted the recommended GPA range is 3.1-3.2 and the recommended SAT score is 1100. The university’s most popular major is Nursing and the second most popular major is Business. Students in the nursing program use practice dummies with real-life symptoms, including crying for help and gushing blood, preparing its students for real-life trauma scenarios. Currently, there are 320 undergraduate students enrolled. The school maintains a small learning environment based on a 12 to 1 teaching ratio; administration works to ensure students are comfortable and relaxed while learning.


La Salle University encourages all its students to be involved in a group, club, or activity that fits one’s preference or interest. There are 13 sororities for those who want to be a part of Greek life; there is a vibrant Latin community, the BCS and even the university’s religious group known as “The Brothers.” La Salle supports the well-being of its student body and is determined to mentally and socially prepare its graduates for a career. Overall, there is an emphasis at La Salle if it wasn't to put them in an environment still simulated to look like real jobs they will acquire after graduation. The university also hosts events that promote wellness. For example, every other Wednesday the University hosts “A Stress-Free Day” inviting the community to participate by allowing dogs to roam freely in the quad. To enhance financial literacy among students, La Salle partnered with Trumark Bank and students are now able to open and manage their bank account. 

The school spirit and sense of community at La Salle University was interesting and exciting to see. We are excited to see more schools, but right now La Salle is high on our list! 

Student Reporters: Serenity Saunders & Mahya Fleurime
School: La Salle University