Carver's 48th annual spring break college tour concludes at Six Flags Great Adventure!

Each spring break, chaperoned Carver students board their chartered bus at the Carver Community Center for a life-changing, road trip to the schools they aspire to attend. The 48th (2018) Annual Spring College Tour just introduced middle and high school students to the rigors and joys of a college education. School administrators, admissions and financial aid officers, college students including many former Carver YDP students, and others gave the tours, made presentations and interacted with the visiting Carver students. Whether asking questions, touring the campuses, or sharing meals with former Carver peers now excelling at these excellent schools, the goal is to motivate each visiting Carver student to envision their futures as a successful college student.


On their way home from this life changing experience, the college-bound Carver students visited Six Flags Adventure in New Jersey. Featuring hundreds of roller coasters, thrill rides and family attractions, Six Flags is one the biggest regional theme parks in the world! 

We're grateful they all survived the death defying rides at the park and are now back in Norwalk and more motivated than ever to be "lifetime achievers!"