11th graders Sky Simmons & Areyona Patterson write about the college tour of Georgetown!


Georgetown University is a private university located in Washington DC and was founded in 1789. There are 4,523 students enrolled in the university. Georgetown is considered an Ivy League college which means they have high academics and high prestige. The mascot is “Jack The Bulldog” who has the colors of grey and blue. Their mascot is a bulldog, but not any normal mascot as you would imagine. Jack, the bulldog, is an actual living bulldog! Unfortunately, we weren’t able to see him and pet him, but it’s quite fascinating that that’s their mascot. There are many exciting things might grab your attention around campus. There's a seal in the middle of a walkway that you are not allowed to step on, and if you're superstitious, you'll believe that its bad luck for anyone who does so. We made sure we walked passed it though.

The school has a religious affiliation with Catholic which would be an attraction for anyone who is Catholic. Over 50% of these students study abroad which is excellent because it opens students’ minds to different cultures so they will be able to compare to the United States of America. There are more than 150 different study abroad programs in different countries. Those who decide to pick the Global Health major are required to pick a country and study abroad. 

The general requirements for admission to the school is a GPA of 3.9-4.4, an average SAT score of 1590, and an average ACT score of 30-35. The university offers scholarships and mentorship as well. The average GPA at Georgetown is 4.03; this makes it a very competitive university. The acceptance rate is 17%, and the graduation rate is 94% within six years. This school offers more than 200 co-curricular clubs and activities on campus. All students are required to take general education courses. 90% of students do internships, and there are many around campus jobs available to the students. 

Students are allowed to live in loft-style apartments which include kitchens and single bathrooms. They offer single rooms, doubles, and even triples! Not all schools have study rooms that you can reserve, so the fact that Georgetown does is a huge plus! I recommend this school to anyone who takes an interest in the things we've reported for you! 

Sky Simmons & Areyona Patterson
11th Grade Norwalk High School