Inner-City Foundation For Charity & Education supports Carver's Middle School Summer Transition Program


The Inner-City Foundation for Charity & Education awarded Carver a competitive grant of $10,000 for our middle school summer transition program. 

Here are photos of our students attending our summer transition program at Roton Middle School.

Carver offers a comprehensive summer program to help incoming middle school students to each of Norwalk's four middle schools to be positive and look forward to the coming year. Led by each school's certified teachers, Carver's summer program helps students form a realistic expectation of what middle school will be like, it provides a positive and successful first impression, and it insures a successful introduction to the middle school experience. Parents, too, have their concerns and questions answered about their children's transition from elementary to middle school. 

Carver's summer transition program involves all the stakeholders: students, school personnel, and parents. Incoming middle school students experience a variety of activities preparing them for middle school. They have the opportunity to meet other middle school students and their teachers. Educators provide activities for students that lessen their concerns, build their confidence, and reduce their anxiety. 

The Inner-City Foundation for Charity & Education has consistently supported Carver through the years. The Foundation has awarded over $29 million in grants to many worthy charities such as Carver since 1992, including $15 million in scholarship aid for inner-city school students, and $6.4 million to social service agencies that provide food, clothing, health services, counseling, transportation and shelter to those in need. In addition, the Foundation has awarded another $7.7 million to support programs for students with learning disabilities, recreation and education programs for children, and adult literacy and job-training programs that empower individuals to become self-sufficient.

The Carver community is deeply grateful for the crucial financial support and encouragement it receives from the Inner-City Foundation for Charity & Education.