Carver youth in our K-5 CASPER program and in our tech center


Carver conducts a K-5 after school program at the Carver Community Center called CASPER. These students also follow a personalized learning path with placement and pacing in activities designed to meet their individual needs while meeting the most rigorous academic standards. Certified NPS teachers facilitate literacy and math intervention programs.

The Charlotte Naomi Horblit Technology Center on the second floor of the Carver Community Center is named for its generous benefactor. With rows of dozens of PCs and eight iMacs in the center, a very large SmartBoard, and other learning tools such as scanners and printers, all our K-12 students have a chance to learn on state of the art equipment.

Here are a few photos taken today that capture glimpses of our students at the Carver Community Center doing their homework, learning IT skills, and simply enjoying fellowship one with another.