Did you know?

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Carver served 1,921 unduplicated students last school year between summer 2018, afterschool 2018-2019, and Extended School Hours (ESH) 2018-2019 in 23 programs altogether.

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There were 1,645 Norwalk Public School (NPS) students and 276 Non-Norwalk Public Schools students. The breakdown was as follows:

In the summer, there were 833 students served (66 Non-NPS and 767 NPS students).

Carver made before/after school programming available for 1,079 NPS students. There were 959 NPS students in afterschool programs and 120 NPS students in ESH (Extended School Hours) programs.

These 1,079 NPSl students represents about 9% of the entire district student population (NPS: 11,588 students). 69% of program participants were free/reduced lunch status (FRL). Carver’s 745 FRL students represent 11% of all FRL students (6,647) in the NPS school district. Carver’s Kendall Elementary School 5th grade transition program has the highest percentage of FRL status students (80%).

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Ethnicity: The majority of Carver participants are Hispanic (57%) or Black (25%). Half of Carver participants live in Zip Code 06854 (50%), yet students do come from 11 unique Zip Codes.

Compared to Norwalk Public Schools:

Compared to the NPS district, by percent of population, Carver’s afterschool/ESH programming (1,079 NPS students) served nearly: 4% more English Language Learner (ELL) students (Carver: 20.5%, NPS: 16.1%); 3% more Special Education (SPED) students (Carver: 18%, NPS: 14.6%); 8% more Hispanic students (Carver: 57.1%, NPS: 49.37%); 9% more Black students (Carver: 25%, NPS: 15.9%); and 14% less White students (Carver:13.2%, NPS:27.3%).