Carver's Tremain Gilmore honored for his leadership in the Norwalk community


Calvary Baptist Church, led by Rev. Dr. Jeffrey A. Ingraham, Pastor, honored Tremain Gilmore last Sunday during their Worship Service as part of their Black History Month effort to identify and recognize an individual, each Sunday in February, who is engaged in exemplary service to the community.

Tremain is many things to the Norwalk community and he is known for his leadership and countless (and quiet) contributions far and wide, which is why this church invited him to be one of its honorees this month.

Officially at Carver, for more than 15 years, Tremain is our Teen Center Manager. However, throughout each year he not only organizes many community events, Tremain also informs by his mere presence what Carver is all about in Carver’s many programs.

Tremain embodies the heart and soul of the Carver mission as much as anyone ever did in the 80 year history of Carver’s presence in the Norwalk community.

Founded in 1949, Calvary Baptist Church recognized Tremain as being a community leader and they thankfully took the time to “…lift him up, to encourage him and to let him know that his efforts are noticed and appreciated.”

Congratulations, Tremain!