Carver receives the highest seal of approval from the merger of Guidestar and the Foundation Center


You may have heard that GuideStar and Foundation Center have joined forces. Now that they’ve become Candid, their commitment to promoting transparency is stronger than ever.

They have just released the 2019 Seals of Transparency on GuideStar, and Carver is one of the awardees. The Seal is a tangible way to demonstrate our organization’s commitment to transparency.


A Seal of Transparency appears on Carver’s Nonprofit Profile on GuideStar.

This top Seal helps Carver tell its complete story, which in turn gives our supporters a meaningful way to understand our organization’s work. Recent research indicates that transparency has a tangible benefit.

The Platinum Seal follows the following levels of trust and transparency:

  • Bronze—basic information, such as mission, leadership team and board names, and basic program information.

  • Silver—financial information.

  • Gold—qualitative information about goals, strategies, and vision.

  • Platinum—metrics to show progress made toward your mission.

Carver also has the highest (4 Star) rating from Charity Navigator for transparency and accountability.