Images of Carver's After School Program for 5th grade students at Kendall Elementary School

Program Coordinator Latoya Lisle with some of her 5th grade after school students playing Double Dutch!

Program Coordinator Latoya Lisle with some of her 5th grade after school students playing Double Dutch!

See all the photos from today’s visit here in our Facebook album. Here and below you will see Kendall students doing their homework and participating in enrichment programs that include animation, performing arts, Double Dutch (where the kids show how brave they are), the arts and music.

The animation class is run by Keisha Biko-Smith. Students are working on creating cartoons that showcase the school's Cougar Code: PAWS. PAWS stands for maintain a Positive Attitude, Act Responsiblily, Work Together, and Show Respect.  The performing arts class is run by JaTorra Commodore and Sor Virella. Students are learning how to showcase artistic expression through use of prompts, dance, voices and body movements.  The music class, which is conducted by Dr. David Metzger, exposes students to different types of music, develops their creative thinking as they work together to present a cohort of mixed songs, and helps to build student confidence.  Donna Rende is an art lover by nature.  She automatically jumped on board to work with a small group of students to create beautiful art pieces to display around the school building.

Latoya Lisle, a First Grade Teacher during the day at Kendall Elementary School, serves as the Program Coordinator for Carver’s new 5th grade transition program at Kendall.  Miss Lisle reports that the 5th graders are the students who many of the younger students look up to and admire. 

See the slideshow below of the artwork created by the after school students that adorn the halls and classrooms of Kendall Elementary School. Caver after school students are inspiring all the students in their school with their art and their example.

Since their start in January 2019, Carver after school students have been exposed to Middle School expectations.  All the students were assigned to a homeroom which they attend directly after the dismissal bell at 3:25 PM.  Students then have a few minutes to eat a snack and get ready for the Carver experience. Study hall and homework help are first. Students work with integrity and seek to be focused while they are completing their assignments. Certified teachers and assistants are available to help and in certain cases students help each other.

Not only are the 5th grade scholars developing good study habits, they are also exploring and challenging their abilities in an elective enrichment class 4 times a week. Miss Lisle reports that within each elective class, students are breaking barriers by facing their fears, completing challenges, enhancing skills, and building team work abilities.  The students will make presentations on all of their hard work later in the school year.

These academic and enrichment experiences compliment what the students are learning during the day in class. The courses are presented in a different way from the regular classroom setting. 

In the class "Digging for Books" created by a third grade teacher, Jatorra Commodore, students experience group conversations which explore literary topics such as explaining metaphors, identifying figurative speech, and analyzing an author's purpose. Engaging in these conversations builds understanding as Miss Lisle and her team continue to prepare their students with skills in comprehension.

The math class was created by a fifth grade teacher, Keisha Biko-Smith. It exposes students to mathematical concepts that they will soon be learning in their classrooms. The Numerical Challenge class also encourages students to explore and utilize their problem solving capabilities. In computer lab, students have the opportunity to continue working on homework, get help from a teacher, and develop math and reading skills.