See the video of "Human Hungry Hippos" at our Roton Middle School R.A.M.S. after school program!


The Roton Middle School R.A.M.S. after school program runs Monday through Thursday from 3:00 to 5:30.  It is run by certified teachers and teaching aides from Roton Middle School.  The program Coordinator is Roton teacher Dean Vaccaro.

See the video and images below of 6th graders doing the Enrichment “Human Hungry Hippos”! Other Enrichment programs include Easter Arts and Crafts, and see what the students at Roton are doing to prepare for their “International Night” celebration!

The first hour of the after school program is the Homework Hour, during which time students complete their homework and receive assistance, as needed, along with a healthy snack and drink.  Math tutoring is available as well during this crucial time for preparing for the next school day and so that our students return home ready to be with their families having all their homework behind them. 

The next hour is the Enrichment Hour.  For Enrichment, students may participate in a variety of activities including Lego Robotics, International Cooking, Arts and Crafts, Drama/Theater Arts, Learn Italian, T-shirt Designing, and Computer Fun. Roton Middle School’s after school program creates a Game Room in the school library for an Enrichment Hour that includes computers, Wii, board games, Carrom, ping pong, and a full-size foosball table.

Enrichment is followed by the Wellness Hour during which time the students enjoy gym games and sports, which often includes students being on teams for “competition sports” that include dodgeball, basketball, stickball, kickball, badminton, bocce, soccer, and more.