The Carver Spring College Tour students visit Benedict College in Columbia, SC!


By Kelvin Reynoso, 10th Grade, Norwalk High School 

Benedict College has been my favorite school so far, and I am eager to apply for admission in a few years. The ambiance was comfortable, and as we walked throughout campus, current students came up to us and encouraged us to attend. One of our tour guides was a young black man named Saxton. He had aspirations of playing football in college until he experienced a spinal injury. Now, Saxton sings and writes music while pursuing a degree in biology. Another one of our tour guides was a young black lady studying business. Saxton informed us about the excellent networking opportunities students have access through its notoriety as an HBCU school. We learned about the excellent business program that I am very interested in because I would like to major in business.


I'm also very interested in playing basketball. We toured the gym facility, which was well kept and designated for male and female students who play Division 2 Basketball. We walked past the college’s 14-floor residence hall. The rules for the school are stringent; curfew is midnight, and if you are caught with another sex in your the room you will be fined. Many of our students were shocked at the curfew, but our guides reminded us that it was established to keep students safe and focused.

The minimum SAT score required for admission is 850, and the minimum ACT score is 17. The recommended GPA is 2.5. For students needing economic assistance Benedict financial aid is very helpful; the college helps freshman very much when it comes to setting them up economically for a great four years. They are one of the few colleges that allow freshman student parking.

I enjoyed this trip very much because it opened my eyes to what an HBCU school (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) offers. I want to thank Benedict College for having us as well as Saxton our tour guide for helping. I'll be applying my senior year.