America's Promise is launching a new youth employment campaign!

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America’s Promise is launching a new campaign called The YES Project—Young, Employed, and Successful—a national initiative bringing youth, employers, stakeholders, and advocates together to support, fuel, and grow a healthy and robust youth workforce. Their goal is to achieve full youth employment for young people aged 16 to 24 by 2030.

Carver nominated and won for the City of Norwalk the America’s Promise “100 Best Communities for Young People” award for the last three consecutive years of the national contest, and Carver produced citywide youth events inviting all service providers to celebrate this achievement for Norwalk.

Carver remains an enthusiastic partner with America’s Promise to promote youth employment and internship opportunities. Carver’s Earn and Learn initiative provides Carver high school students with GPA’s 3.0 or above a paid internship or job.

To help promote careers, Carver students participate in our annual national college tours, receiving priceless insights and encouragement from current Carver college students giving the on-campus tours. Since 2005, 100% of Carver seniors have graduated on time. Over 95% of Carver seniors enroll in college immediately following graduation. Carver cultivates clusters of college-bound students with built-in support networks. Carver also offers a $1500/year scholarship to students who enroll at a 4-year college in groups of two or three. The camaraderie mitigates the cultural dissonance that students often feel when they embark on their college careers. These incentives are a powerful propellant toward a diploma. 85% of Carver college students graduate from 4-year colleges and universities within 6 years (studies show Hispanic and black students graduate within six years at rates of 45.8 percent and 38 percent respectively).

Despite the growing number of youth actively seeking employment nationally, 1.5 million young people are currently unable to secure a job—missing out on important opportunities to contribute to their communities and cultivate the skills that will serve them for years to come.

The YES Project will work to change that by asking people to raise their hand and commit to being a champion for youth seeking employment. Starting April 10, people can #PledgeYes to connect youth with employment opportunities, give advice on the job search, and provide support after employment. By building a community of support and driving champions to action, we can help youth become ready, connected, and supported to succeed.

Helping those who are actively seeking employment become successful is critical to fulfilling America’s Promise Alliance’s Five Promises to children and youth. Join us in helping America’s Promise build this important campaign!