West Rocks Middle School celebrates its students


Trevor Kline, Carver’s after school Program Coordinator at West Rocks Middle School, presented year-end awards to his students on Tuesday, May 28, 2019.

See the photos here in our Facebook album.

Trevor explained the reasons for each award, which made the recognition of the students all that much more meaningful and moving. Trevor and his team have been very observant of each of his students’ respective journeys this past school year. There was much achievement to honor and celebrate.

Following the awards ceremony, the students shared their individual skills with the audience in a talent show. The parents, teachers, volunteers and students present were delighted.


The after school program at West Rocks is known to its students as the REACH program. Carver’s first program outside the Carver Community Center began at West Rocks in 2008. Operating today in 11 Norwalk public schools and Side By Side Charter School, each group of students make their respective after school programs special. Carver also began an after school program this year for the Classical Studies Magnet Academy in Bridgeport, CT.

Carver programming is organized around six core principles: high expectations with the final goal of graduating high school on-time and college-ready; academic rigor focused on project-based learning and individualized learning; building healthy relationships; Student Voice and taking responsibility; building community through defined structures of cooperative decision-making; and a youth development approach to instruction that recognizes individual strengths, needs, and learning styles.

West Rocks Middle School students inspire us all.