Carver after school 5th graders at Kendall Elementary School demonstrate their many talents


The Carver after school 5th graders’ performance demonstrated just how hard they practiced. On Thursday evening, May 30, 2019, families, student peers and Kendall Elementary School faculty were bedazzled.

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A chorus of students sang a number of songs by memory and to everyone’s delight. Students demonstrated their Double Dutch jump rope skills. Animated videos were premiered. Students performed skits worthy of any stage and audience.

The after school animation class this year was run by Keisha Biko-Smith. Students worked on creating cartoons that showcased the school's Cougar Code: PAWS. PAWS stands for maintain a Positive Attitude, Act Responsiblily, Work Together, and Show Respect. 


The performing arts class was run by JaTorra Commodore and Sor Virella. Students learned how to showcase artistic expression through use of prompts, dance, voices and body movements. 

The music class, conducted by Dr. David Metzger, exposed students to different types of music, developed their creative thinking as they worked together to present a cohort of mixed songs, and helped to build student confidence. 

Donna Rende worked with a small group of students to create large and beautiful art pieces that are displayed around the school building, which were on display in the auditorium for the families to appreciate.

Latoya Lisle, a First Grade Teacher during the day at Kendall Elementary School, serves as the Program Coordinator for Carver’s new 5th grade transition program at Kendall.  Miss Lisle reports that Carver’s 5th graders are students who many of the younger Kendall students look up to and admire.