16th Annual Rowayton Connections party raises support and awareness


Hosts Melora and Rod Johnson welcomed dozens of Carver guests into their home at Hickory Bluff overlooking Rowayton’s tranquel view of Long Island Sound. Volunteers and Atria Darien prepared a sumptuous meal for everyone to enjoy.

See all the photos here in our Facebook album.

We are grateful to the Rowayton Connections committee for giving so much of themselves all through the year to support the Carver mission and for creating this stunning event on Thursday, June 6, 2019: Michael Barbis; Helene & Paul Bartilucci; Alexandra & Richard Baudouin; Erin & Sean Berry; Ruth Freeman; Emily & Robert Grabowski; Tracy & Ian King; Cathy & Neal Konstantin; Julia & John David Massengill; Jennifer & Dan McMullen; Joan & John de Regt; Chris Tierney & John Igneri; Mary Ellen & Jeff Walsh; Meggan & Joe Warren; and Wendy Winnick & Rich Baskin.

Speakers this year included Mayor Harry Rilling; Carver graduates now in college; the longtime Carver partner and advocate Robert Pennington who was just named the new principal of Rowayton Elementary School; and Carver’s CEO, Novelette Peterkin.

The joyous fellowship and extraordinary giving upholds Carver's commitment to maintaining  high expectations for Carver children and youth with the goal of graduating high school on time and college-ready. The Carver mission lives on after 81 years of people like our Rowayton volunteers and donors making personal commitments through the decades to help our youth succeed in school and life.

Thank You!