Carver's summer transition program at Nathan Hale Middle School

NHMS Transition Program 2019 - Science 5.jpeg

Carver’s summer transition programs are designed to help incoming 6th and 9th grade student’s transition into Norwalk’s four middle and two high schools. Programming includes individualized instruction, parental involvement, small group learning experiences, diverse enrichment activities, free transportation, and full-day activities benefiting working families. Students learn the basics of navigating their respective new schools.

Here is a glimpse into the day at Nathan Hale Middle School, a summer program directed by a science teacher during the school year, Thomas Stanford.

Some of the photos below are of the student Buoyancy Challenge. The challenge is to design and construct a boat that will support as many pennies as possible without sinking. This requires a knowledge of buoyancy, teamwork, design, and trial and error.

You’ll see photos of the student Cup Challenge. This challenge requires that student teams develop a "tool" that will allow the team to stack the cups in various ways without using their hands. This project also requires a lot of teamwork, design, patience.

Other photos show the Spaghetti Towers. This challenge is to design and create the tallest spaghetti tower possible without it collapsing!

Other photos are of the students simply learning subjects such as Language Arts.

All in all, this will be a summer to remember for all our participating students this year!