Campers go swimming!


Crawl, walk, run, swim. That’s the order a parent ⏤ whether a proficient lap swimmer or one still deathly afraid of the water ⏤ should think about their child’s physical milestones. Few life skills are as important as the ability to survive in the water. And swimming lessons, from learning how to float, to treading water, to clocking a 23-second, 50-meter freestyle and winning the gold medal, is where it all starts.

Carver has a partnership with the Riverbrook Regional Y Youth Swimming Lesson Program and we also bring all our campers in gender and age group shifts to the more local Velo-CT 50 Meter Olympic size pool.

There is no more important reason for kids to learn how to swim than water safety. Water is a major safety concern for young children. Swimming lessons can substantially reduce a child’s risk of drowning.

Carver works to develop competent and confident swimmers. Children are introduced to the water through a graduated series of lessons developed and standardized.

Mostly, as you can see in the photos here and in our Facebook photo album here, Carver campers have a lot of fun!