Carver Community Center

Carver Community Center breaks ground for its new playground!

a successful fundraising drive led by student volunteers, we are breaking ground on the new playground for the Carver Community Center. The interns from New Canaan High School planned and implemented this campaign.

Carver's aging playground was built for pre-kindergartgen children. What we are now building is a playground with all the latest safety and fun learning features for K-5 aged children, including a new padded surface that ties together all the pieces of our planned playground together.

We give thanks for our high school volunteers

Many volunteers give of their time and energy to Carver kids each year. These tutors, mentors, homework helpers, career counselors, and other skill-specific project leaders offer their support, feedback and student praise. The Carver Community Center utilizes volunteers for community events such as Career Fairs, talent contests, student and family awards ceremonies, holiday celebrations, and food drives. Corporate teams produce daylong events for our youth and generously undertake extensive renovation and cleanup projects. Our student volunteers are especially helpful to our CASPER (K-5) kids at the Carver Community Center. Today there were four high school students: Nadia Torees, Emily Becerril and Sebastian Samperez, each 10th graders from Norwalk High School, and Samantha Cioffi, a 12th grader from Holy Child School in Rye, NY.

America's Promise is launching a new youth employment campaign!

America’s Promise is launching a new campaign called The YES Project—Young, Employed, and Successful—a national initiative bringing youth, employers, stakeholders, and advocates together to support, fuel, and grow a healthy and robust youth workforce. Their goal is to achieve full youth employment for young people aged 16 to 24 by 2030.

Carver's Science, Technology & Engineering Showcase!

See all the Facebook album photos here!

On Thursday, March 2nd, at the Carver Community Center, six school student teams participated in a public exhibition of their work in STEM related fields. Teachers, families and community members helped cheer the student projects created during the Carver afterschool program this year.  Projects were thoughtfully designed.

Robotics and much was where on display.  For example, some students constructed and displayed Truss Bridges. They used simple hand tools and materials, and followed a simple construction sequence. Students presented their Truss Bridges and explained how they performed simple calculations to determine the amount of materials required for each part of the project. They calculated the cost of producing a structure based on the selection of materials. They also identified a truss structure from other possible bridge structures and compared the strength of a truss structure with that of a rectangular structure.

Carver Jr. YDP team produced Hovercraft Boats (engineering) and Truss Bridges (technology). Nathan Hale BARK YDP students produced robotics demonstrations (technology), and fruit DNA (science). Ponus Ridge PRIDE YDP students produced an autonomous car display and survey (engineering), and air turbines and small boats (CPEP technology). Roton STRIVE YDP students produced robotics demonstrations (engineering) and air boats (CPEP technology). Side by Side Charter School RISE YDP students produced robotics demonstrations (engineering), CPEP technology projects and a videography project (technology). West Rocks REACH YDP students produced robotics (engineering), Truss Bridges and a Spaghetti Marshmallow challenge (technology).

The judges selected the following teams/projects as the winners (5 categories) and prizes were awarded to each team member. Best overall project – Carver engineering team for their Hovercraft project. (Each team member received a $25 gift card) | Most challenging (highest degree of difficulty) - Side by Side Engineering Team for their Robot Demo. (Each team member received a $15 gift card) | Most Innovative Project – West Rocks REACH Technology Team for their Spaghetti Marshmallow Challenge. (Each team member received a $15 gift card) | Teamwork Award – PONUS PRIDE CPEP Team. (Each member received a $10 gift card) | Top Presentation Award – West Rocks Engineering Team for Their Robot Demo. (Each team member received a $15 gift card)

Nathan Hale BARK = Belief Awareness Respect Knowledge

Ponus Ridge PRIDE = Perseverance Respect Intelligence Diversity Excellence

Roton STRIVE = Scholarship Togetherness Resilience Integrity Values Excellence

Side by Side Charter School RISE = Rising Innovative Scholars of Excellence

West Rocks REACH = Responsibility Effort Aptitude Character High Expectations

New Canaan High School Service League of Boys visits Carver

New Canaan's SLOBs (and here) visit Carver youth at least once a year to bring good fun and cheer.  See our Facebook album of photos here!

Founded in 2004, the New Canaan High School Service League of Boys (SLOBs) is a student/parent run organization that works to foster the parent-son relationship in a philanthropic organization committed to community service, leadership development, and education. It is an organization of parents and sons who join together in service and educational endeavors to foster community responsibility as well as strengthen the parent-son relationship. Their stated mission is "for parents and sons to initiate and promote educational and charitable endeavors that foster community responsibility and leadership as well as strengthen the parent-son relationship."  They currently serve approximately 30 philanthropic organizations with over 65 different projects. We are grateful that Carver is among their charitable commitments!