A memorable morning with professionals who share their stories and a room full of inspired students who ask questions about life, work and being Lifetime Achievers.

All middle and high school students are invited to join us on Saturday, February 11, 2017, 10AM to 12:30PM at the Carver Community Center at 7 Academy Street, Norwalk, CT, for our annual BREAKFAST WITH CHAMPIONS! There will be free handouts, door prizes, participation awards, and, if course, our amazing free hot breakfast with all the trimmings! Join us in meeting professionals in the area. Learn about their careers, hear their stories, ask them questions! Join us and be inspired! 

For additional information, please contact Gil, Ms. Roberson or Benson at the Contact page above. You can also reach out within your school: Kyle Heaslip at NHS, Sara Molinelli at BMHS, Mr. Stanford at Nathan Hale, Mr. Harrell at Ponus, Jose Perez at Roton, and Dr. Moore at West Rocks. 

Please join us and be inspired!