Giving Day

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If Carver wins this year's Fairfield County Giving Day on Thursday, March 1st, each school where Carver conducts its after school programs will receive $2,000.

Carver can win! For the past four years, Carver placed between 4th and 8th place out of nearly 450 competing charities each year.

Help Carver win this day of giving for Norwalk students!  On March 1st, go to and make a donation to Carver of $10 or more. The charity receiving the most of gifts of $10+ wins the grand prize of $20,000! 

For 24 hours on Thursday, March 1, from 12 AM to 11:59 PM, help Norwalk's schools win $2,000 each by giving to Carver and encouraging others to give a donation of $10 or more to the Carver Foundation of Norwalk at

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