Carver Summer Camp Stories: Meet Camille, age 9


What is your favorite Carver memory?

“My favorite thing about Carver is when we go swimming. First, you go in the pool and see if you can swim. If you can’t swim, they don’t get mad. If you can swim, maybe you can move up a level next time. It makes me feel like I’m the champion of swimming.”

Who is your role model?

“My grandma and my grandad because they tell me everything to do and they’re the best role models in my life. And my role models at Carver are the teachers. They do the right thing, so we can copy them and learn from them. Also, when people get scratches and they get hurt, the teachers help them with Band-Aids, and ice packs, and all that stuff.”

What is your biggest dream?

“I would be great at gymnastics and teaching people how to do gymnastics here and that would be my great dream– to teach people here to do gymnastics.”

Describe Carver to someone who doesn't know anything about Carver

“A very nice place. They allow anyone to come here, and anyone can make friends here. You get to have fun, you get to play, you get to go swimming, you get to go on field trips...You get to do anything except be bad.”