Umary, aged 9: read how she loves homework during the school year and Carver during the summer!


Describe your favorite memory at Carver.

“My favorite memory at Carver is when we went to Lake Compounce. Another one of my favorite memories is meeting my friends on the first day. I had so much fun with my new friends. It made me feel free."


Who is your role model?

"My role model is my cousin. My cousin is always with me and when there's a problem, she always helps me feel better. She basically takes care of me. She's 9. My favorite memory with my cousin is when we made up a game in the pool. We played that game every time we went in the pool in the summer, and we still play it now."

What do you want to be when you grow up?

“I want to be a doctor because doctors help you feel better when you're hurt or when you have allergies. They give you medicine. I think I would be a good doctor because I really like helping people. I help people with their work and when people are hurt, I always help them. I realized I wanted to be a doctor when the doctor really helped me. The doctor gave me medicine once, and the first day I drank it, I felt much better. Last year I got really hurt because I bumped into somebody. The nurse at Carver gave me a special ice pack that made me feel a lot better. She taught me a lot of new things about medicine."

What is your biggest dream?

"To save people. When they're hurt, I want to do something to help them."

What is your favorite thing to do?

"Something that I love doing is my homework. My homework helps me learn more about what I'm doing at school. A lot of people hate homework, but I think it's really fun. And if you do your homework during the year, instead of going to summer school, you can go to a fun place like Carver."

Describe an accomplishment that you’re proud of.

"Something I did that I'm proud of is finishing fourth grade. The last day of school was really fun. Well, it actually wasn't that fun because I had to leave my teacher behind. And also, I'm about to go to a new school so I'm sad that I won't be able to see my teachers again."

Describe Carver to someone who doesn’t know what it is.

“I would describe Carver as a fun place to go when you're bored at home. Instead of being bored during the summer, you can come here. Carver is really fun because you get to make new friends and you go on a lot of field trips. Every week you go on at least two field trips. You go bowling, you go to Pump It Up, you also go to Skyzone, and at the end of the year you go to Lake Compounce. You go to a lot of fun places."