Leandro, age 9, makes his dad proud!


Describe your favorite memory at Carver.

“My favorite memory at Carver was my first day here. It was fun because I got to meet new kids and play a lot of basketball and soccer. I made a lot of new friends. I felt happy because I didn't feel lonely. And when I got home, I told my dad about my day. It was fun to tell him everything I did because he was happy that I did so many things."

Who is your role model?

"My role model is Jaden because he's a good basketball player and I want to be a good basketball player. Also, he's my best friend. He makes me laugh."

What do you want to be when you grow up?

“I wanted to be a policeman, but I changed my mind because during their training, they have to be sprayed with pepper spray, and I don't know if I could stand that. So maybe instead, I'll be like my dad and work in a restaurant– an American Italian restaurant. We would make hot dogs because people love hot dogs. I've never cooked before, so I would be the boss in the restaurant. If someone doesn't know what to do, I'll help them and tell them what to do. I would help everybody and I would tell them to do the right thing."

What is your biggest dream? 

"I want to go to Costa Rica. I've never been there, and I want to see my family that lives there because I've never seen them."

What would you want to do in Costa Rica?

"Once I get there, I would give a huge hug to everyone in my family that lives there. And maybe my cousins who live there could teach me to play basketball."

Describe an accomplishment that you’re proud of.

"In my school, I took an NWEA test, and I got a 217! You do math, reading, and science on this test, and 217 is a really good grade. If you get a 195 or below, you have to go to summer school."

Describe Carver to someone who doesn’t know what it is.

“Carver is somewhere you can do exercise and meet new friends. Also, you get to learn a lot of things. Sometimes you do science, math, or reading. My favorite thing to do here is play dodgeball. I guarantee that everybody would like Carver if they came.”