Introducing Hanna's Summer Blog


This summer I will be sharing a series of stories and images from the more than 200 students  participating in Carver’s Summer Enrichment program for grades K to 5 (ages 5 to 13) located at the Carver Community Center.

I will also be interviewing a few of the kids' parents as well as Carver staff involved with running the summer camp.

At Carver summer programs across Norwalk (there are 8 individual programs in as many schools serving more than 900 students), students prepare for the coming school year through individualized learning, while also making memories during various enrichment activities and field trips. By sharing stories of students from their summer with Carver, I hope to give you a glimpse into some of the best moments of these students’ summers, as well as illustrate the impact of Carver on the community of Norwalk.

A little about me. I am a rising junior and an honors student at Greenwich Academy. My favorite book to date is The Kite Runner; my favorite food is Pizza; my favorite movie is Coraline; and my favorite hobbies or interests include cooking and playing the piano. 

Now let's begin to discover the interests and strengths of Carver kids!