Norwalk High School Student Spotlight: Baylee Tuner

Baylee Tuner

Baylee Tuner

By Veronica Mora Urdata (a Carver YDP Intern)

Baylee Tuner is a sophomore at Norwalk High School. She is a very intelligent young lady, but even more importantly, she is a hard worker with an amazingly positive attitude. She counters a problem and attacks it with all the resources available to her. She is also passionate about always learning something new every day.

Baylee has been a member of the Youth Development Program (YDP) at Norwalk High School since September 2018. She is currently taking two honor classes. She has admitted that she’s been improving in all her classes, especially in her sciences classes. Additionally, she is grateful for all the support and appreciation by all the passionate, generous, creative teachers who are part of YDP. She extremely likes that the staff makes the subject more understandable in ways that are fun, and it helps a lot.

Outside of the studies, this program has helped her socially and now, Baylee enjoys talking and hanging out with friends from all over the world. In the same way, since she started this program she has experienced interesting activities such as yoga, which has helped her to control her stress along with  her ability to spread kindness to the world. She also mentioned her interest in playing sports during her free time with her three siblings. 

Finally, she hopes to continue with YDP as a very mature young lady who takes school seriously which in turn will help her be very successful in life and in her path toward college.