Student Spotlight: Kobe


Interviewed by: Hanna Tulchinsky

 Q: Can you describe your favorite memory at Carver?

 Kobe: One of my favorite memories is from one of the first times I came here. We were playing five-on-five basketball, girls versus boys, and we just goofed around. We weren’t playing seriously– we were just having fun the whole time, and it was amazing.

 Q: Who is your role model?

 Kobe: My biggest role models are my two older brothers. They are two different parts of me. The middle brother loves gaming, and my oldest brother loves basketball. He was so obsessed with it that he actually went to college to play basketball! But both of my brothers helped create the person I am now because one of them taught me about gaming and the other taught me about basketball.

 Q: What do you want to be when you grow up?

 Kobe: I want to major in electronic engineering. At my elementary school, we had a program where we could do robotics which I loved. That really inspired me to be an electronic engineer. But honestly, I’d love to be a professional basketball player, either overseas or in the NBA. They say that you have a better chance of being struck by lightning than getting into the NBA. But to be able to do what I love at the professional level is a goal for me.

 Q: What is your biggest dream?

 Kobe: My biggest dream is to be a professional gamer and own a company that creates games with my brother. Starting a new business will be hard, but I’m willing to work for it.

 Q: Can you describe an accomplishment that you’re proud of?

 Kobe: I had high honors for all four quarters last year.

 Q: What is the most important lesson that Carver has taught you?

 Kobe: It has taught me that with hard work and dedication, things will work out. The first time I ever played basketball was here. Because of all the practice I’ve had at Carver I’ve been able to play on competitive basketball teams.

 Q: How would you describe Carver to someone who doesn’t know what it is?

 Kobe: Honestly, when I first started coming here and people explained to me what Carver was, they didn’t do it justice. They said it was a fun place, but it’s so much more fun than I thought it could be. I never get bored here. You do your homework, you talk, you eat snacks, and you play with your friends. It’s a really good experience.