Kailah, a rising 6th grader at West Rocks Middle School


Describe your favorite memory at West Rocks.

“My favorite memory is meeting new friends and new people. I also like switching between different classes because we didn’t do that in elementary school.”

Who is your role model?

“My role model is Misty Copeland because she’s a dancer and I want to be a professional dancer when I grow up. I’ve been dancing since I was two years old. I like ballet and contemporary. I also want to be a therapist because I know how to calm people down well.

What is your biggest dream?

“To go to Bora Bora. I also want to go to Mexico or Peru.”

Describe an accomplishment that you’re proud of.

“I’m proud that I’ve made it this far in school and I haven’t had to stay back in anything. I’ve been getting good grades. My favorite subject is math.”

How has this program helped you prepare for middle school?

“I’ve gotten a chance to meet the teachers and learn their names. Now I know what they’re expecting from me. Also, we take science, math and ELA here which helps.”

What’s the most important lesson that you’ve learned at this program?

“To meet new people and not be shy.”

How would you describe this program to someone who doesn’t know what it is?

“It’s basically what you’re going to do in middle school, but afterwards you have three hours of fun!”