Max, a rising 6th grader at West Rocks Middle School


Describe your favorite memory at West Rocks this summer.

“I really like science here. Science is my best subject. I like meteorology and biology.”

What do you want to be when you grow up?

“I want to be a scientist that makes cool inventions using technology. I have lots of ideas, like making a kangaroo pouch for humans. It could tie to your waist. I’d also like to be a meteorologist. Maybe I could be a storm chaser. I know it’s dangerous, but I’m not scared of tornadoes. Or at least, not until I see one.”

What is your biggest dream?

“To know anything and everything. I think I’m on my way there.”

Describe an accomplishment that you’re proud of.

“I’m proud of a drawing I made a few days ago that was the most realistic thing I’ve made. It was a drawing of myself.”

How has this program helped you prepare for middle school?

“It’s helped me to meet the teachers and learn where the classrooms are.”