International Programs

Carver engages in International Programs in various ways. Sometimes partners approach Carver with opportunities such as NicaPhoto and Learning Everywhere described below. Sometimes Carver responds to specific opportunities such as providing a financial scholarship for a student to participate in cross cultural experiences such as one of our students traveling to Japan through a program sponsored by the Center for Global Studies described below.

Presently,  Carver students are given international experiences primarily through the Initiative we call WeR1Voice. This program had its start in 2013, inspired by Morris Pleasure, a world renowned musician. Mr. Pleasure is very much a global citizen who invites Carver students to participate in various ways in his world of music. Experiences range from Carver kids being invited to promote public awareness of the Ghana National Museum on Slavery and Freedom to introducing Carver students via social media and Skype to his countless friends and associates around the world such as with youth in Tanzania. Though based mostly in London, Mr. Pleasure is presently coaching a Craver youth to sing at Carver's Child of America gala on April 28th!

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From 2011 to 2015, Carver YDP high school students partnered with NicaPhoto to learn alongside their peers in Sonrisa de Dios (Smile of God), one of the poorest barrios in Nagarote, Nicaragua. The students shared photography, poetry and stories via Skype and other digital means. A book based on this cultural exchange was published in 2014.  Students traveled to Nicaragua to help the students there establish this organic garden by which the young people learn about growing their own food, organic gardening and healthy eating. Subjects such as math, science, art and photography are applied in the garden, bringing classroom learning to daily life. 

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Learning Everywhere

Concord Consortium invited Carver to participate in Learning Everywhere, a pilot program with partnering science museums in the UK, France, and throughout the US. Carver helped to test the project's concepts in Norwalk Public Schools and at the Connecticut Science Center. Using cutting-edge technologies including multitouch tabletop surfaces and mobile games, Learning Everywhere helps youth engage with and learn about about energy and engineering concepts including alternative energies, energy use and human impacts and green engineering and design. The project’s interactive experiences extend learning across settings—from museum to school to home and back—enhancing and connecting learning fluidly across boundaries. In the process, our goal is to build a greater understanding about how these learning opportunities interact than ever before. By collecting fine-grained data on user interactions throughout these experiences, we will obtain a detailed picture of learning over time and across venues.

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Center for Global Studies

Some Carver students attend the Center for Global Studies, a magnet school within Brien McMahon High School. Nearly 300 students learn Arabic, Chinese or Japanese, study the cultures and history of Asia or the Middle East, read literature from around the world, and Carver helps some of its students with meeting the expense of traveling on two-week Study Tours to broaden their understanding of the world. CGS has a large community room for cultural events and a kitchen where students cook international foods. Students come for as little as one year but many stay for their entire high school career.  They study language, literature and history in the CGS, and they enroll in math, science, gym, health, and other electives in Brien McMahon HS. Our students' intellectual energy and curiosity create a vibrant sense of community in the Center for Global Studies.