Measurement & Evaluation

Carver has a written Data Sharing Agreement with Norwalk Public Schools (NPS). Carver tracks after school student progress during the school year with the support of the CT State Education Department endorsed APLUS System evaluation software, and the Linkit and PowerSchool software systems utilized by Norwalk Public Schools. This year, Carver has three part-time data coordinators. We collect data from pre-tests and post-tests and district assessments to determine student skill sets and knowledge base specific to reading, math, science, critical thinking skills and creative expression. Report cards, scientific research based intervention program assessments, observations and performance on standardized tests assess student performance. We administer student and teacher surveys. Parent meetings address issues, concerns, and opportunities.  In addition to the Carver Board of Directors oversight and regular Carver staff meetings, Carver receives crucial feedback from both private foundation site visits and periodic state program audits required by the 21st Century Community Learning Centers grants awarded to Carver. Carver also conducts monthly meetings with parents to receive their feedback.