For over 18 years, Craig & Natarsha Garcia have been offering AGI Entertainment, a full service entertainment company, to help launch many successful careers. They affirm that you don’t have to be the most talented person to be a superstar; you just have to possess a work ethic that says, “no one will outwork me”! Stars are not born. They are made and created through hard work, discipline, focus and integrity. AGI’s roster includes clients who have gone on to success in film, television, print, Broadway, music and other mainstream media.

Natarsha is bringing her Star Media Tour to the Carver Community Center at 7 Academy Street, Norwalk, October 12-14, 2018! It begins Friday evening with a parent workshop, workshops are conducted all day for kids on Saturday, and on Sunday there is a showcase for family and friends.

To register, please call 678-324-7218 or call Carver at 203-838-4305.