High School


Homework hour

Goals:  95% of YDP students will advance to the next grade on time and grade level ready. 95% of the seniors will graduate high school on time. 95% of the graduating seniors will gain admission to post secondary schools or trade schools. 80% of the students will show improvement over or maintain past marking period performance

  1. Offered every day for one hour.
  2.  The coordinators monitor the students and check in with Power School grades. Prior to the day, we e-mail teachers of students who may be struggling. 
  3. We have an English tutor twice a week that will work with 3-4 students. On days there is no English tutor, one of the program coordinators specialize in English and assist the students.
  4. We have a math tutor all four days that will work with 5-6 students. Normally the tutor helps the student with the current homework. Normally three students are sent at a time with the math tutor in the same class.
  5. We have a science tutor who is here on all four days. Normally the tutor works with 3-4 students.
  6. We also have a Spanish tutor for two days during the week. Tutoring hours are offered the same hours during homework time.


No Child Left Inside: 

  1. Observation skills using their five senses. 
  2. Collaborate as a team to make decision and engage in group activities.
  3. Communication skills on how to communicate an idea or feelings to the group or an individual.
  4. Mindfulness of situations and surrounds when outside with a group.
  5. Listening to a set of complex direction to perform a task. 
  6. Current Events- VICE Series Discussions: 


Week 1: Sweet Home Alabama: Illegal Immigration and the economy that relies on it

Week 2: Haitian Money Pit: A look at USAID and how it has (or has not) assisted the people of Haiti 5  years later

Week 3: To Protect and Serve: The militarization of Police

Week 4:  The Ebola Epidemic: How World Health relies on a healthy Africa

Week 5: Student Proposed Issue

Week 6:  The Beast: The harrowing Journey from Central America to the US- Mexico Boarder

Week 7: Vice New Special Report: President Obama Visits a Federal Penitentiary

                                          Arts & Crafts: 

  1. How to knit- a new skill for most of the students! 
  2. The importance of practice and repetition, because if the students didn't continue with their knitting, they forgot everything. 
  3. How to help others because the experienced knitters often helped the new knitters. 
  4. Bilateral coordination- students must use both hands together to knit. 
  5. Process of knitting provides opportunities to appreciate other peoples' strengths and accept own abilities


                                                Cooking – Health and Wellness
  1. Students will have a working knowledge of small equipment pertaining to recipes they are assigned. 
  2. Students will explain and have a working understanding of proper procedures for cleaning and sanitizing their tools and equipment. 
  3. Apply effective mise en place through practice. 
  4. Demonstrate how to care for knives properly and demonstrate the proper use of knives. 
  5. List and explain how the three types of cooking work. Demonstrate these techniques in various recipes throughout the semester. 

                                           Crossfit-  Health and Wellness

    1. Students will learn variety of kinesthetic moments. 
    2. Students will learn how to scale and use weights based on strength and experience. 
    3. Students will collaborate with different students to complete a workout. 
    4. Students will exercise twice a week. 
    5. Students will learn how to stretch using movements done by a certified coach. 

  • Students plan to volunteer at a local community location.
  • Students participate in activities that involve team building and self respect.
  • Students will collaborate with others and listen to each other regarding views on various topics.
  • Students research local community organizations and share out their mission.


Job Success for teens

  • Students work on preparing for interviews.
  • Students work on preparing a resume and creating a cover letter.
  • Students work on broadening career choices.
  • Students work on implementing career skills for the future.