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Carver works closely with Carver parents. Each parent meets with the Youth Development Program Lead Program Coordinator prior to student enrollment to understand all that is involved with Carver’s intensive college prep programing. Communication tools/apps keep parents engaged and informed. Parent activities and seminars include understanding graduation requirements; understanding the PSAT and the importance to student achievement; understanding the Common Application Form; understanding course requirements necessary for graduation; understanding the importance of high-level courses like AP (Advanced Placement) and IB (International Baccalaureate); understanding how to monitor and measure student success; Joint Financial Literacy Session with both parents and students; understanding summer learning; and Carver offers adults GED and ESL classes. Engaged parents help less informed parents become more engaged. Monthly parent meetings are held. Parents serve on the Carver Alumni Council. Parents volunteer with enrichment activities such as the Book Club, the cooking and nutrition program, and the Carver youth basketball league.