West Rocks Middle School's winning robotics team

West Rocks Middle School's winning robotics team

STEAM Education

Certified Science teachers hired from within each of the school sites deliver Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics programming through small group instruction using strategies consistent with CT’s Common Core State Standards for Mathematics and the CT’s Science, Technology Education and Arts Curriculum Frameworks.


Partnering organizations and professionals offer additional instruction and support. For example, the Maritime Aquarium provides weekly one-hour hands-on classes with a tour of the Maritime Aquarium conducted on the last session. Sessions include squid dissection, exploring the habitat of the Long Island Sound, global warming, learning about seals and more. Maritime Aquarium educators travel to each school site with an array of live animals.

Carver's programming addresses Middle School Connecticut Science Standards such as Energy Transfer and Transformations; How Organisms are Structured for Efficiency and Survival; Earth in the Solar System; Science and Technology in Society; Sound and Light as Forms of Energy; Properties of Matter; Matter and Energy in Ecosystems; Energy in the Earth’s Systems.

Other program partners and professional volunteers, including the Norwalk Seaport Association (Sheffield Island Ecology program), offer sessions in Robotics, Forensics; Astronomy – NASA Afterschool Universe; Try Science; Careers in Science (experiments and labs); and CHEM C3000. 

Carver alumnae Gabby Pierre-Louis

Carver alumnae Gabby Pierre-Louis



We R 1 Voice is a Carver STEAM initiative inspired by Morris Pleasure, Carver's 2014 Child of America honoree, and propelled by Factory Underground and their artists such as Carver alumnus FNX.

WeR1Voice encourages young people, established artists, and music industry professionals to collaborate to help empower talented Carver youth to find their voice and to become fully-literate and successful 21st-century citizens.

WeR1 is now a song that will be professionally produced and distributed worldwide. Read all about the project at the crowdfunding site The Impact Vine that made this wonderful project possible! 

On March 9, 2017, WeR1Voice produced this concert that helped Carver win 8th place in Fairfield County's Giving Day. Among the many performances that were streamed live on Facebook were Carver alumnae Gabby Pierre-Louis singing "All I Can Do is Cry" and Gabby and and Carver alumnae Bianca Ramirez singing "Treat Me Like Somebody." This front page story in The Hour described all that went into producing this event.

Carver provides context for the importance of STEAM knowledge in careers in the arts. Here are just three ways music supports learning. A joint resolution was introduced in the United States House of Representatives expressing the sense that adding art and design into Federal programs that target the STEM fields encourages innovation and economic growth in the United States. Carver treats art as an applied subject just like math and science.

Arts programming also includes Carver's Teen Talent Project (TTP), which mentors students in either voice or dance in a workshop environment. Pop music draws young people together, inspiring and entertaining them, and sometimes serving as a voice for a generation. TTP students perform in school and at Carver events, including after school events. Students produce Carver music videos, and some go on to pursue careers in the arts. Carver's Improvisation program helps kids to build confidence and self-esteem, strengthen listening skills, think on their feet and trust themselves, work as a team, be creative, take risks in a safe, supportive environment, and have fun interacting face-to-face in a supportive group environment. Morris Pleasure, an acclaimed American composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and touring musician founded WeR1Voice, a Carver “Youth Voice” initiative that engages YDP students and professionals in the music industry.

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Because of WeR1Voice, you will be seeing and hearing much more from Carver youth.  Carver is collaborating with others to strengthen student talents, inspire awareness about issues important to them, and to build solidarity for their causes across and beyond Fairfield County and the social web.


Technology activities include: photography and film/videography; Artistic Creations; Garage Band; and computer animation. Dr. Thomas, a Carver Program Coordinator and a 6th grade Science teacher, created a new Computer Science curriculum for YDP middle school students drawing on the resources of the Norwalk Public Schools and Norwalk Community College. Topics include: Introduction to programming; introduction to networking; introduction to Boolean logic; introduction to Web design; hands-on Web design using basic tools; introduction to robotics; introduction to graphic design; HTML coding; basic project team exercises. Utilizing Technovation, YDP students will create an anti-bullying mobile app; local female professionals will serve as mentors.


Engineering activities include A Roller Coaster activity; Fuel Cell Experimentation; Just Breathe – creating a model pair of lungs with everyday products; a review of the greatest engineering achievements of the 21st Century; Trophy Tower, and Hit the Target game. Carver partner FIRST LEGO League offers a robotics program for youth aged 9 to 16 designed to get children excited about science and technology. The children do the work of programming an autonomous robot (using the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® robot set) to score points on a thematic playing surface, creating an innovative solution to a problem as part of their project. These three elements – the Robot Game, Project, and FLL Core Values – make up what is called the yearly Challenge. Like any other organized “sport”, FIRST LEGO League teams also fundraise, create a team identity, and go on field trips. Carver’s collaboration with the Connecticut Pre-Engineering Program (CPEP) also strengthens YDP’s engineering education. YDP teams consistently compete well at both the statewide CPEP Day Competition at Western Connecticut State University and the statewide FIRST LEGO League competitions. CPEP and FIRST LEGO League activities also engage volunteer professionals as project and/or team mentors.


Math programs focus on one-on-one and small group activities consistent with CCSS for Mathematics and/or the Connecticut Core Science Curriculum Framework. Math activities include: Go Math including TimezAttack which is research proven to get students fluent in their math facts in 8 to 12 hours; Financial Literacy, facilitated by Stacia Morris, Author of Teen Money 101; Math Pays; Geometry Popcorn Anyone?; Writing and Creating a Checkbook; Fractions, Decimals, Percentages; Rate; Area, Volume, and Perimeter; Algebra; Tables, Charts and Graph; and Math trivia competitions. Khan Academy, with in-class support, is also utilized.

Robotics at Side By Side Charter School

Robotics at Side By Side Charter School