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Planned giving

For more information than what follows, please reach out to Nikki LaFaye, Director of Philanthropy (email: 

Plan for your future while helping plan for the future of Carver kids. We are here to help you consider strategies to meet your financial needs while also making a lasting impact in the lives of Carver students. Planning a gift may be as simple as completing a single-page form or it may involve a multi-step approach. We hope this introductory information can help you achieve your financial goals as you seek to provide for your loved ones and support the work of Carver. Carver's assistance is provided for educational purposes only and is not meant to be a substitute for professional legal or financial advice. Please seek the assistance of qualified counselors in the areas of estate, gift, and tax planning.


Donors might find that the easiest way to make a substantial future gift to the Craver Foundation of Norwalk is to make a bequest in their will. There are many different kinds of bequests. With each, the entire value of the bequest is eligible for a charitable deduction against their estate taxes. 

Sample Bequest Language
(To leave a specific dollar amount or percentage of the estate)
I give to the Craver Foundation of Norwalk, Inc., a charitable organization located in Norwalk, CT, the sum of $______ (or ___% of my estate; or the property described herein) for its general purposes."


(To leave the remainder of your estate after all other disbursements have been made)
"All the rest, residue, and remainder of my estate, both real and personal, I give to the Carver Foundation of Norwalk, Inc., a charitable organization located in Norwalk, CT, to be used for its general purposes."


Popular alternatives to cash are gifts of appreciated property such as marketable securities (stocks and/or bonds) and real estate. These type of gifts can provide even greater tax benefits to you, the donor, than an equivalent gift of cash, especially when the appreciated property being donated has been held long-term (more than a year) and has increased in value over basis (the value at the time the property was acquired by the donor).


Most people own some form of life insurance either through their employer or through a personal or family plan. Life insurance is popular because of its unique ability to meet a variety of needs for financial protection. A donor can name the Carver Foundation of Norwalk as the primary or successor beneficiary of a life insurance policy. When the proceeds are paid to Carver, the donor's estate may be allowed an estate-tax charitable deduction. You can also assign ownership of a paid-up policy to the Carver Foundation of Norwalk.


Another way to leave a significant gift to Carver to help secure the future is to name Carver as beneficiary to part or all of your retirement plan benefits. This can be done with an IRA, Roth IRA, 401 (k) plan or employer sponsored pension plan. For more information on the deductibility of charitable contributions for the current tax year, please visit the IRS web site at


Partnership for Philanthropic Planning

Leave A Legacy

Connecticut Community Nonprofit Alliance

Legacy society

The Carver Legacy Society is comprised of donors who plan their current and future support of the Carver Foundation of Norwalk. By committing to the future viability of Carver's mission, the Carver Legacy Society ensures our ability to continue to Build Lifetime Achievers!

For example, as reported in The Hour, in January 2018, Carver received a $100,000 grant from the estate of Daniel E. Offutt III to support our after-school Youth Development Program.

As with any financial planning consideration, you should check with a qualified advisor or estate attorney before making any changes to your will and/or other financial planning. 


The late Charlotte Naomi Horblit, of Chestnut Hill, MA, is an another example of a planned gift that will benefit Carver for many, many years to come. Mrs. Horblit bequeathed to the Carver Foundation of Norwalk $472,000 for the purpose of establishing a new technology center on the second floor of the George Washington Carver Community Center.  

Born in Newton, MA in 1923, Mrs. Horblit, affectionately known as “Mighty Mouse”, always looked out for the underdogs of life. Married to Stephen Horblit for 60+ years, Ms. Horblit had previously served her country as a Wave in the US Navy during WWII. She graduated with a master's of education from Boston University.  Ms. Horblit worked as a psychologist and volunteered countless hours working with disabled vets. Mrs. Horblit loved animals and was especially an avid dog lover. Though she never had children of her own, she was passionate about supporting educational programs to benefit children. Mrs. Horblit battled terminal cancer for two years and passed away at age 91. Mrs. Horblit’s nephew, Mark D. Feinberg, was given the privilege of naming Carver as one of seven charitable beneficiaries of Mrs. Horblit’s estate. Mark is a Wealth Management Advisor, VP, for Global Wealth Management at Merrill Lynch, Wellesley Hills, MA. Mark’s history with Carver began 30 years ago when Richard Fuller, Sr. was both his science teacher and football coach at Brien McMahon High School. Mr. Fuller also recruited Mark to serve as a Carver summer camp counselor where Mark taught Carver summer campers natural science. Mark spent only one year at St. Luke’s School, but that was the start of an enduring relationship with St. Luke’s Schools Headmaster Emeritus, Dick Whitcomb, a Carver board member and longtime Carver advocate and donor.