West Rocks
Middle School

west rocks Staff

Laura Ganim - Program Coordinator
Teachers: Donna Reeves, Carol Falcone, Trevor Kline, Cristina Figueroa
Assistants: Maria Diaz, Kara Williams, Leon McNaught
Questions? Please contact: Laura Ganim  
Email - g
Phone - (203-899-2970 extension 176730).

Program offerings 2017-2018

Daily Academic and Homework Support:

  • Math tutoring
  • English Language Arts Support
  • Science Support
  • Computers 

Upcoming Events

Family Math Afternoon - Date to be announced.
Robotics Team Competition: May 2018

                                                           Enrichment and Program Activities

Robotics Club

  • Robotics-based learning is an effective approach to help students master the skills of tomorrow by developing skills in design thinking, problem solving, and engineering.

Culinary Arts

  • Students learn the value of culinary skills in a fun, relaxed environment while learning to make healthy food choices.
    Cooking instruction includes reading recipes, measuring ingredients, time management, budgeting and organizational skills. 

Baking Club

  • In teaching students how to bake a variety of desserts, students learn about kitchen safety and procedures to follow when an unsafe situation arises in the kitchen.  Students learn how to properly use kitchen equipment, measuring tools, and following written instructions when following a recipe. 

Holiday Party Planning and Baking

  • Students learn about and plan a holiday party from start to finish. Student learned how to make pigs in a blanket, homemade guacamole, cheese & spinach tarts, desserts and punch for a holiday party. 

Norwalk Maritime Aquarium

  • Hands-on Learning Program about maritime with staff from the Maritime Aquarium. Students take a deep dive into science, learning about our ecosystem, the many animals within it, and the steps we take to conserve and protect Group field trip to the Norwalk Maritime Aquarium at the completion of the program.


  • Students participate in West Rocks Middle School's Annual After-School Read-a-thon and celebration. 


  • A local cartoonist (artist) engages students in learning how to use easy shapes to make cartoon drawings, as well as exploring careers in the arts. 

Rocket Building

  • Students build and launch their own model rocket.

Truss Bridge Building and Design:

  • A hands-on STEM project allows students to develop Problem-solving skills. They learn to collaborate with colleagues in sharing limited resources for a common goal, as well as how to use basic shop tools. Furthermore, because of the practical approach to explaining theoretical concepts, students have opportunities to reinforce students’ understandings of what they learned in academic classes. In all these, students stimulate their interests and potentials and some students may discover if they have a calling in technology.

Wellness and Fitness Activities

  • Basketball, Gaga-Pit, Handball, Soccer, Dodge ball
    The Sports and Physical Fitness Program will address middle school students’ overall physical fitness and their understanding of team sports.  The program will focus on using a variety of stretching & warm up activities, and then students play an organized team sport.  Additionally, sportsmanship will be a focus of our game time activity, stressing teamwork and compassion over winning.  

Girl's Self Esteem Club

  • The Dove Self-Esteem project   was designed to ensure that girls grows up enjoying a positive relationship with the way they look. The focus is on helping young people raise their self-esteem and realize their full potential.