Carver student Sidney Waterhouse writes about Memphis College of Art

By Sidney Waterhouse. The first of a series of reports by the students on the 2017 Carver College Tour

Memphis College of Art

If you are a student looking for a diverse school and an intimate setting, then Memphis College of Arts is the school for you! With a small campus, a student body of about 420 kids and a 10:1 student teacher ratio, this school is it's own little community.

Memphis College of the Arts has a lot to offer such as a “family life” school climate. There is a sense of pride at the school seen in the artwork displayed by current and former students. Former students Fidencio Fifield-Perez and Sziksz Eszter offered the most compelling artworks. Their exhibits reminded me of the times when my parents proudly displayed my artworks on the refrigerator.

Our tour guide, Anna Roach, is a Tennessee native who is a recent Memphis College of the Arts graduate. Anna’s enthusiasm was well received by my peers on the tour, even though many had no interest in pursuing art careers. With an acceptance rate of 85% and a graduation rate of about 80%, the school has maintained a good reputation and is deemed safe although it's located near an area that has seen incidents of violence. The beautiful campus is located near the Memphis Zoo and frequently plays host to national and international artists.

Most students need to have a GPA of at least 2.2 and an ACT score of 18, if they hope to gain admission. Students with higher GPA’s and ACT scores can expect an automatic scholarship. Since this is an art school, you must also provide a portfolio showing 10-20 pieces of art that you completed. Art majors include painting, design, graphic design, metals, photography and sculpting. All of those majors have internship opportunities that are available to both underclassmen and upperclassmen and may even result in a permanent position.

Memphis College of Arts’ annual tuition is $33,000 (including parking fees, dorm fees and meal plans) and offers merit based financial aid. So there's no way for you to go wrong! This arts college requires one science, one math and one art history course for graduation. Underclassmen have access to lockers to hold their art supplies and upperclassmen have studio access. The working areas are always open and there is a late night shuttle that will return you to your dorm safely. The school is located in the middle of midtown Memphis, which is where late night social opportunities thrive!

All in all, the school provides a “home away from home,” not only through its family like school climate but through its connection to the community. I would recommend this school to anyone looking to pursue a career in fine arts.