Summer Campers Go Bowling!


In addition to the educational programs to prepare our campers for returning to school in the fall, we take our campers on field trips.

Today, some of our boys went to Nutmeg Bowl in Fairfield.

The game of ten-pin bowling is divided into ten rounds (called "frames"). In a frame, each player is given two opportunities to knock down the skittle targets (called "pins"). The player rolls the first ball at the pins. If the first ball knocks down all ten pins, it is called a "strike" and the frame is completed. When pins are left standing after the first ball, those that are knocked down are counted and then removed. Then the player rolls a second ball and if all the remaining pins are knocked down, it is called a "spare". There are bonuses for removing all the pins. Play passes to the next player until all players have completed the frame. Then play continues with the next frame. The final or tenth frame of a game may involve three balls.

Not sure everyone knew the all the rules, but we are sure everyone had a marvelous time!