Carver begins new after school program in Brookside and Tracey Elementary Schools


Today, thanks to vital new financial support from 21st Century Community Learning Centers, Carver began its new after school enrichment services to 5th grade students attending Brookside and Tracey Elementary Schools. We will also provide a Summer Transition Program for these same students who will be entering Roton and West Rocks Middle Schools in next fall.

Carver’s after-school personalized learning model starting today will compliment regular school day learning for 5th grade students with certified teachers from their respective schools and other professionals delivering Literacy, Math, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Science, enrichment, recreation and wellness programming through structured activities that have been proven by Carver to achieve significant academic improvement. Carver will also provide a Summer Transition Program for 80% of these students who will be transitioning into Roton and West Rocks Middle Schools. Carver will offer parents literacy, technology classes and related educational opportunities and support. 

Carver’s after-school Youth Development Program (YDP) provides students (a minimum of 4 days per week, 2.5 hours per day, not including field trips, career fairs, etc.) with a variety of learning opportunities that compliment and enrich school-day instruction, utilizing the Scientific Research Based Interventions (SRBI) three-tier learning framework. YDP emphasizes successful instruction for all students through high quality core education practices, as well as targeted interventions for students experiencing difficulties. YDP ensures the differentiation of instruction for all learners, including students performing above and below grade level expectations and English language learners (ELLs). YDP offers services not available during the school day and collaborates with school day teachers, counselors and parents to assess students’ needs. The Summer Transition program deploys YDP education methodologies while helping students learn the basics of navigating their respective new schools. These after-school and summer programs incorporate comprehensive use of each school site. Carver employs certified teachers from each participating school.