Carver in the news today: In Norwalk, education conversation centers on whole student

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Here is more news about the Dalio Foundation and its work in Norwalk and throughout the state.

…On Wednesday morning, it was a race to a classroom at Tracey Elementary School, where Lamont was escorted by his fifth grade guide to a class where math problems were being scribbled on desks tops coated with an erasable surfaces.

“I love to see how much joy there is in the classrooms,” said Lamont. “This went from a school where not everyone wanted to go to somewhere everyone wants to go.”

The reason, officials say, can be traced to School Principal Theresa Rangel’s decision three years ago to focus on teaching to both the emotional and intellectual side of a child.

As a result, academic achievement started to rise, making Tracey School the poster child for the findings of a new report, “From a Nation at Risk to a Nation at Hope.”

…Also listening is Barbara Dalio of Greenwich, one of the state’s leading philanthropists whose foundation sits on the SEAD Commission and helped fund the study with a $500,000 grant.

“It would be so exciting for Connecticut to lead the nation in social and emotional learning and academic development,” said Dalio who was also on the tour.

Dalio is no stranger to Norwalk Public Schools, having volunteered and provided financial support to many endeavors. She has worked as a volunteer in an alternative high school in the city for several years. Since 2012, the Dalio Foundation has donated more than $7.6 million to the Norwalk school system, the Norwalk Federation of Teachers, and the Carver Foundation.

The Carver Foundation has also started working in a Bridgeport after school program….

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