Diageo employees donate 76 backpacks to Carver kids


Danielle Robinson, PhD, Director, Alcohol Policy and Corporate Reputation Management at Diageo, who also serves on the Carver Board of Directors, organized a back-to-school backpack drive among her fellow Diageo employees who gave a total of 76 new backpacks for Carver kids returning to school this September!  

Diageo North America, Inc. is headquartered in Norwalk and is a longtime supporter of Carver’s educational programs. Diageo was formed in 1997 from the merger of Guiness and Grand Metropolitan. Like another Carver donor, Xerox, the name Diageo is an invented name. The name is composed of the Latin word "dia", meaning day, and the Greek root "geo", meaning world, and is meant to reference the company giving pleasure every day, everywhere.


Diageo employees have been true to their company’s name throughout the years by their generosity, by supporting our events, and by their exemplary volunteerism. Carver students deeply appreciate the gifts and the sense of joy and confidence our friends at Diageo continually invest in their lives.

Thank you, Diageo!